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September 29, 2023, 04:33:19 AM
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Author Topic: Patchlog until 6.0.05  (Read 40694 times)

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Patchlog until 6.0.05
« on: September 10, 2008, 11:08:26 AM »
changelog (english only!) 6.0.04 -> 6.0.05 (Server & Client)

new D2SE.exe:
A working game.exe out of own sources. Thanks to some Help from Necrolis (and through
him from SVR and Nefarius) i got this exe fully working now, earlyer than thought because i
planned to include it earlyest with 6.1 because of this i dont need codeinjection anymore
and as such have lesser problems with different OS.

This exe needs no CD and additionaly Check for missing d2xmusic.mpq and d2xvideo.mpq to
inform you which is missing so u can take cd out of drive.

All important settings from within 1 control panel:
D2VidTst is only needed 1 Time you start D2 after installation and you can
start it from inside startup Dialog.
Now you can select D3D/Glide and the most important settings from inside startup Dialog.
Now you can launch glide-init.exe from inside startup Dialog.
When you check the -w box it AUTOMATIC sets windowed inside glidewrapper too! no need for extrasteps
You can Launch Snejforum and included Readme from inside startup Dialog.
All Simply by pressing a Button

SP Feature completely rewritten:
Now SP Feature is working 100% accurate to launch 2 Instances of D2 automatic.
Additionally you are allowed to launch as many additional instances you want / Your Hardware allows you to start ;-)
What Stays is that when you activate SP feature you CANNOT enter Realm until you closed all of em and start without SP feature !!
I had to change this feature so D3D NOT starts 2 instances automatic but you can start manually as many
as you wish (when you first checked SP box!)

All settings (with exception of SP Feature) are remembered inside an own .ini file

Snej uses now its own Snej_mod.mpq and not the patch_D2.
From 6.1 and on it will use a Snej_patch.mpq for minor Patches and an autoupdater
will get integrated into the exe. I dont manage to port this all now so i leave it to 6.1

Fixed some display Bugs
Rewrote Resolutioncode to a better one.
Changed Window Minimize behavior back to standard D2

D3D now integrated and switchable ;-)
Installer checks the Compatibilityflags on Vista and UP automatic.

Got rid of the Char I want to be Potions
Craploot reduced greatly
More following with a followup patch SOON

changelog (english only!) 6.003 -> 6.0.04 (Server & Client)


MODSYSTEM (Snej Launcher)
- New Systembase already partly 6.1 based ;-)
- Better and faster SP/Multistart feature full install seems to be a must!
- Support for W9x/Me is Back ;-)
- Support for Linux/Wine is back (may need to try multiple times to start but works!)

-Supports the newest Glidewrapper (included with setup!) and from now Glidewrapper
 can be changed to newer Version without changes in Snej (from 1.4c upwards!)
-adjusted Teleblock on Mephistos Lair to only Block through Walls as originally intended
-Fixed type error on Deathmessage ;-)
-Removed WW Oskills on Hydraskull
-Removed Socketing of already Socketed Items ;-) because of exploitation of Enginebugs
-changed some things in Cubemain and Item txt files
-Corrected Bug on Hurricane
-lowered delay and duration of hydra
-craftrecipes now use 50% charlevel

changelog (english only!) 6.002 -> 6.003 (Client only)


MODSYSTEM (Snej Launcher)
-It takes now up to 20 seconds until the Singleplayerfeature starts the 2nd instance of D2.
 at the Moment here is no other way to be compatible with all computers simply wait inside
 D2 Mainmenu until both D2 are started!

-Support for latest glidewrapper (included with setup!)
-New design of panel life/manadisplay

changelog (english only!) 6.0 -> 6.002 (Client/Server)

The installer now overwrites correctly already installed glidewrapper!
The installer now needs no administration rights

MODSYSTEM (Snej Launcher)

-you can now check multistart to start  d2 2 times but for this disables the realmbutton
-you can now check the commandlineoption -ns to disable sound
-more errorchecks and errormessages (not final now but better ;-) )
-tuned some options of the loading booster thats integrated in hope to eliminate charproblems on realm
-tuned some compilersettings in the hope to avoid problems with systems with 4GB of ram and more
-when playing Snej now ALL logfiles are ONLY generated inside Snejfolder patched the gamefunctions to do so
-changed some internal handlings and prepared ability to check dlls for correctness (not active yet !)


-Trigger Set has now changed stats so the rogue merc can now use the bow !
-Bloodravens Last Chance is now useless because gamecrashing when Merc uses it.
  I decided not to make a different version via cube its simply "gone"
-The Skull is working again! Throw away the one you have and get it simply again!
-The Bosscounter is working again! Throw away the one you have and get it simply again!
-All reported bugs inside the Skilltreegraphics are fixed!
-Exchanged the "KillerGuestBugs" in A4 with friendlyer ones to stop some whining
-Tryed to rebalance the "unknown lord" to stop lifeoverflow its untested but should hopefully work
-deactivated some itemdroppatches now sadly its possible that startequipp normally is droppable again
 im doing this to narrow down some bugs happened lately and dropping startequippment does no harm at all ^^
-Implemented some more features that were given through PlugY before:
--spending statpoints with "shift" is now limited to 5 points per click !! now has its own folder inside the "save" folder those there are no more problems in singleplayer!
--SP maps are now regenerated like in tcp/ip everytime (this closes a loophole)

-Completely overhauled readme!!! now its a html in board look&feel and includes hyperlinks.
 All known Bugs & Fixes of the Board are included.

I hope i forgot nothing ^^


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