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September 29, 2023, 06:50:20 AM
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Author Topic: Known Bugs / No Bug Please read before reporting a Bug  (Read 7311 times)

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Known Bugs / No Bug Please read before reporting a Bug
« on: August 14, 2007, 11:38:51 AM »

I will write down all Known Bugs here so read carefully before reporting a new Bug thats already here!

Vanilla/D2 Standard Bug
-Repair Juwels only work after 1 Point of durability is lost
-Repair Juwels/Runes not work inside throwing Weapons DONT EVEN TRY. Throwing Weapons have QUANTITY not DURABILITY
-Dont give Mercs Items that grant him a Minion. The engine cannot handle this and will destroy the Merc !!! Bonewall is a Minion!
-When Mercs have a lvlup they only refill the life they have without boost of items or BO .. ..
-On Charselect and Channel the Charleveldisplay is capped and rolls over at 255 maybe i fix this vanillabug soon
-This life/mana display rolls over at 32768 this is only a display bug and i hope i can fix it fast
-The Killcounter dosnt count kills from specific skills and aura im trying to do something about this!
-Some Chars get frozen animations and crashes with specific Skills they normally dont have (sorc-ww .. ..)
 same is when morphed chars use special attacks
-Dont mule too many small items with many stats on one mule. When your char exceeds the filesize of 8K it gets
 corrupted!! This will get solved soon.
-Oskills give only +3 to the char who has it as native skill! No Bug its as supposed!

Realmserver Problems:
Tp scrolls cannot be put into a book directly first drop em to ground then pick em up!
There is some sort of glitch with cube and carry one items

Snej Problems:
-The Questreward A3 Q1 (Potion of life) gives sometimes to some chars only the old 20 life and not the set 40 !! I cannot explain why.
-Yes 6.1 will take some months ^^ thats no bug its DEVELOPMENT ;-)

Snej Problems & Fixes (mainly Vista related)

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