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Title: [6.0.04] The new User Interface
Post by: SirSamusAran on August 03, 2008, 07:42:46 PM

Here you can see what´s different between the original and snejs Interface.
Hier könnt ihr die Unterschiede zwischen dem original Diablo und Snej Interface sehen.

Index / Inhaltsverzeichnis :
1. The Statusscreen
2. The Inventoryscreen

Title: Re: The new User Interface (in work)
Post by: SirSamusAran on August 03, 2008, 07:54:26 PM
1. The Statusscreen

  1. Shows the Charactername
  2. Shows the Characterclass
  3. Shows the current Level of the Character
  4. Shows the current experience of the Character
  5. Shows the total experience for the next Level
  6. Shows the current Strength of the Character (inclusive Item-bonuses)
  7. Shows the current Dexterity of the Character (inclusive Item-bonuses)
  8. Shows the current Vitality of the Character (inclusive Item-bonuses)
  9. Shows the current Energy of the Character (inclusive Item-bonuses)
10. Shows the current unspent stat points.
11. Shows the current Skill and Damage of them for the Left(up) and the Right Mousebuttom
12. Shows the current Attack Rating for the Left(up) ande the Right Mousebuttom (Highlight your Attack Rating with your cursor to display the percentage chance you would need to hit the creature successfully for the last monster you have fought. )
13. Shows the current Defense Rating of the Character  (Highlight your Defense Rating with your cursor to display the percentage chance a creature would need to hit you successfully for the last monster you have fought.)
14. Shows the current and maximum Life and Stamina of the Character (inclusive Item-bonuses)
15. Shows the current and maximum Mana of the Character (inclusive Item-bonuses)
16. Shows the current Physical resistance of the Character
17. Shows the current Magic resistance of the Character
18. Shows the current Fire resistance of the Character
19. Shows the current Cold resistance of the Character
20. Shows the current Lightning resistance of the Character
21. Shows the current Poison resistance of the Character
22. Shows the current "Better Chance of Getting Magic Items" value of the Character
23. Shows the current "Extra Gold from Monsters s" value of the Character
24. Shows the current "Experience Gained" value of the Character
25. Shows the current "Faster Run/Walk" value of the Character
26. Shows the current "Increased Attack Speed" value of the Character
27. Shows the current "Faster Cast Rate" value of the Character
28. The Closebutton of the Statusscreen - closes the Statusscreen.

2. The Inventoryscreen

  1. The left Weapon- / Shield-Slot
  2. The right Weapon- / Shield-Slot
  3. The Body Armor-Slot
  4. The Belt-Slot
  5. The first Ring-Slot
  6. The second Ring-Slot
  7. The Amulet-Slot
  8. The Helm-Slot
  9. The unused Horadrim Cube -Slot
10. The Gloves-Slot
11. The Boots-Slot
12. The Weapon- / Shield -Slot Change-Gem (Slot 1 |  Slot 2)
13. The Inventory
14. The Goldbutton to drop Gold
15. The Golddisplay (Shows the current Gold on the Character)
16. The unused Secret-Item -Slot
17. The Closebutton of the Inventoryscreen - closes the Iventoryscreen