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Title: LF list
Post by: bub on October 15, 2016, 06:11:06 PM
List of the current stuff I am looking for on softcore:

White Exceptional or Elite Druid Pelt with 4 sockets, or No sockets, with +tornado, and/or +sandstorm

Magical Shield:
Jeweler's Shield of Skill Master (4 sockets, and Inner Sight oskill)

Magical Normal Gloves:
xx of Skill Master (any prefix with req lvl below lvl 18, and +3 or more tornado oskill)
(for any other class +tornado oskill is lvl req 42, but for a druid it is level 18)

Ethereal 'white' without sockets Katana, or Ethereal Rare Katana
Ethereal 'white' without sockets Dragon Scale / Plated Cuirass / Ceremonial Armor

Any with +Druid skills, and/or +3% Wind skill damage
Unique Jewel called Ideal Craft

Unique Tekko:  Tattooed Palm with +3 Eagle Eye
Unique Faceguard:  Sightless Archer

Rare gloves with +8 to Whirlwind

Any ring with +teleport