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January 19, 2022, 02:51:03 AM
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Author Topic: Fishy - Bone Mancer UPDATED  (Read 11473 times)

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Fishy - Bone Mancer UPDATED
« on: December 27, 2009, 09:48:12 PM »
This is a easy build and easy for MF'ing. And generally starting the game out, especially if your not into farming awhole lot.

Max the following skills

Skeleton Mastery
Raise Skeletons
Raise Skeleton Mages
Bone Spear
Bone Wall
Bone Prision

One point in the following
Clay Golem
Summon Revive
Golem Mastery
Summon Resist
Amp damage

Rest of skill points

This is where it up to you on what you want... depends on your play type and which of the gear i recomend later on that you would use. I would ethier go clay golem or iron golem.

Summon total- even with out items should be able to summon around ... 50-60 minions with proper corpses.


Str - Just enough for over all gear
Dex- None
Vit - Everything else
Eng - None

This allows for your necro to have alot more health to take the blows that some how get you.


This is really up to you on what you take. Any item that adds plus to skills or just summon skill tree is a must. But when on switch for MF'ing its not required. But if you can get gear that add's aura bonus's to improve your army that is the best improvement you can get. Here is a list of gear that I think is decent for high end game play. Ive used most of this gear and have liked it for different builds and what not. Most pieces can be replaced with a decent crafted or good rare item.

Early Game-

Other then literally crap you find on ground there is only one item i would recomend. And that is Gold Rush runeword, this is a great early game piece of gear. Reason being great MF on it and the key to every good summoning necro TELEPORT. But like you would learn if you didnt read this BE CAREFUL. Even though you drop alot of points into VIT you still are squishy.  So with that in mind... be careful.

Main Gear Recomendations

Lower Resist Wand-
+5-6 skills
+3-6 curses
+3-6 summoning

*Skills, Skills, Skills*

Skill pusher - necro sheild
+4-6 skills

*Skills, Skills, Skills*

Boss skull - necro shield
+3-5 skills
level 1 might when equiped

*Good option, just for the aura and skill base*

heavy metal
+66 iron golem
+6 golem mastery

*If you dont want to wear a certain runeword, or want to use another but cant figure out what to give up/or just dont want to. Id recomend this item for iron golem. This is a good route too make sure that costly runeword doesnt drop on hard runs*

body armour
rune word- loki-nordic god of the underworld
+2 skills
+2-3 necro skills
+1 teleport
+40-50 resist

*late game this is good for non mf runs*

main weapon
wand runeword - posion and bones
+2-3 skills
+3-4 poison and bone skills
+6-8 meditation aura

*Good skills boosts, and meditation which provides rapid mana regeneration*

cap of the allrounder
+2-3 skills
increase max life/mana
10-12 fanaticsm aura

*This is a off idea on if you go for the hell merc or the nightmare merc, personally i prefer the hell merc. But its on your game play really. Still this is a awesome merc helm, or even your main helm*

a great warror
belt runeword
level 21-25 concentration aura

*This is an idea if you using the A2 Hell merc that has fan. Like i said before, its on your game play. But ethier this helm or belt in needed.*

Osiris - God of Fertility
Prayer aura when eqiuped.

* Give to merc early on to help him and you stay alive. Also helps summons out, which is never a bad idea*

weapon on switch -
summon an army
+5-10 multi summons

* I used this for awhile when i felt that i needed more minions to cover me*

Another one i cant remeber is.. something A casters Dream.. Its a runeword pair of boots that gives conviction.

Mf Items -

gilded bones
Necro Sheild-runeword
+3-4 necro skills
+3-4 Posion and bone skills
large mf boost


Summons form your wall and just blast your bone spear from behind them. When summons start to fail make bone walls to slow the advance of mobs. When your mob is faced with a bigger mob then the one you can summon, example is like in A4 or A5. You can opt out and use corpse explosion for quick corpses to re summon your army. Bone wall and Bone Prision should ALWAYS be your last choice effort with this build and if you need to use them TP to town shortly after. Go somewhere easier and re make army. Make sure also that you are dropping AMP Damage on the mobs every few seconds. Now a few people will argue that you need DEC curse for boss's. I have never really ran into a situation that REQUIRED it, but your play style will determine weather or not you need it.

Normal Difficulty-

     This is easy to start off with, ive had little to no problems. Right off the get put enough points into raise skeleton to get about 5 skeletons. Also make sure that you point atleast one point into amp damage, and enough into raise mage to get about 3 of them. Max out skeleton mastery as soon as possible. Followed by skeletons and then mages.

Boss Difficulty-
     Andy- Little to none
     Druiel-Little to none     
     Meph-Little to nonw
     Diablo-Medium to hard

Nightmare Difficulty-

    By the time you get here you should have your first three primary skills maxed. This is the point now that you should have no problem keeping your mana high enough and being able to blast away with bone spear. So same tatic as before, just raise your army, keep your merc alive. And now that you can dump points into bone spear, it might start getting effective around act 4. Might!


     Same as above

Hell Difficult-


    Same as above expect-
Diablo - Will be the biggest pain in the A##, as long as you've got the tatics down. Your golden, just keep working it and he will drop.

    Around this time you need to have mastered your bone wall ability in combo with everything else. Dont be afraid to run away with teleport, and bone wall half the mob off. Curse with amp damage , and be sure to switch between blasting with bone spear and reanimating bonewall. For the extra hard bosses keep them seperated with bone prision. As long as you keep your mob at the advantage, you should have NO issue at all in Hell. Just be wary of that teleport, which you should have by now.. i hope.


Now how I did this is a little weird on how other people would. But again this is up to you. I used the A2 Normal difficulty merc that uses Might Aura. Reason being you also can use the belt and helm that gives concentration, and fanatism. That gives all three boosts to your army other then you normally would use. Weapons that we should use are up to you, but avoid anything that uses cold base. Armour should have medium to high deffense. Reason being he most likley wont get hit alot due to the size of your army. Remeber when your merc drops RUN and revive him. He is main power of your army.
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Re: Fishy - Bone Mancer
« Reply #1 on: December 29, 2009, 01:32:50 PM »
Well indeed a very short guide I'd say :D
No problem with that in first place - but you should, imho, improve the Itemsection a bit for it is the most important part (at least in snej)
I.e. just add what Auras one should particularly pay attention to, what items are best for one to have an idea (just c+p it from the other guides around) and what bonuses are totally pointless.
That should at least help the newbies a little ^^

Under Construction.

Offline Wolfmandave83

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Re: Fishy - Bone Mancer UPDATED
« Reply #2 on: March 10, 2016, 09:45:07 AM »
Thanks for the post its given me alot of help an ideas for when I can buy D2 on monday :D ..

Would recommend this guide to anyone whose a newbie or just wants to start a necro as a "new" character

Offline bluechimera

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Re: Fishy - Bone Mancer UPDATED
« Reply #3 on: March 10, 2016, 11:08:56 AM »
Do you play a necromancer?
Forum etiquette man - don't necro old posts (don't post on old threads)  :(   
This one died in 2009 lol
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