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Title: Caster Druid (WIP)
Post by: Atndy on March 25, 2013, 09:28:26 PM
Pros : High damage, easily get through the first act without issues.

Cons: Very squshie, needs a tank of some sorts.
Needs good kiting skills.

Heavy nature skilling, I have no used any of the forms as they don't seem pleasing to me.

(Again this is a WIP will be heavily edited as I go through the game)

Use wand, TirNef is a great low level runeword.

Imbue glitch is a must (Since pure doesn't care might as well abuse it to get your resists maxed)

Focus on your damage, if you can kill a mob before they can kill you, you don't need to tank damage (That being said bosses are a complete other issue)

Best senergy with Necro for the tanks.

Remember that HE (hard energy) Should be (3xlevel)+40

Skills to use:
Diseased Rat
Water Blast
Raven Storm
Cyclone Armor

That's all i can think of for now.
Title: Re: Caster Druid (WIP)
Post by: ki4m on March 25, 2013, 10:02:14 PM
you should also use wolverine (max and 1point werewolf), it's a heavy life boost and it stays active after transforming back to human form, also points in cyclone armor are wasted as it absorbs too little damage.
Title: Re: Caster Druid (WIP)
Post by: Atndy on March 26, 2013, 01:02:29 AM
I honestly have to beg to differ on that, Cyclone has saved my ass so many times, yes I have to constantly recast it but it protects against tri elements, who wouldn't want that. It all comes down to your own playstyle tbh, there is no set build to win all do all, it's how you play. I don't get in the line of combat enough so the cyclone armor is great for me, I'm very good at kiting enemies with the slow from water burst. I will do the wolf thing, was scared to do it as I figured i couldn't cast in wolf form.
Title: Re: Caster Druid (WIP)
Post by: Bosanac on March 28, 2013, 05:49:10 PM
How is the Druid coming along Atndy?