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Title: soft coded fully equiped mercs
Post by: alkire0800 on February 27, 2020, 08:48:58 AM
edit: so it turns out its super easy to get this to work but the last part he says use players as a guide for the hireling and hireling to lines in inventory.txt but there is no way for me to know which lines i have to edit its all head left right width and stuff like that its hard cuz i dont know what to change and where

so there was a guide by pure rage a while ago he posted a link to the files he prepared for the mod but the link doesnt work also seltsamuel said he would could provide a link. i was hoping that those file edits would be somewhere on the internet as a plusin file i could just add to a d2se plugin but could only find requests for such mods... anyway i could get that link or the files needed to ad to my d2se 1.13c plugin folder?