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August 04, 2020, 04:11:43 AM
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Author Topic: D2SE Modmanager V2.2 Announcement & Patchlog  (Read 31326 times)

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D2SE Modmanager V2.2 Announcement & Patchlog
« on: April 10, 2011, 03:14:04 PM »

yes another release is on its way and its V2.2
RELEASED more information inside Announcement

- The D2 Multistart should now work reliable on all Windows Versions this was a really hard one.
  As side effect only one logged in user on windows can start D2SE but within his session as often as he likes to do.
EDIT: Feature DONE & Tested

- The D2 Log now correctly shows the used CORE D2 Version, there was a Bug through a wrong initialized variable to only show 1.07
EDIT: Feature DONE & Tested

- The Caller for external Programms and links like about documentation .. now switches the working directory into the selected
  modfolder instead of giving the fullpath to the executable.. this enables called programms to find their own files.
EDIT: Feature DONE & Tested

- The Modmanager has now a ConfigureMod Button for Mods that have an own configuration Executable.. some of the soon released
  plugins will use this feature.. i have only to build a configuration executable for them ^^
EDIT: Feature DONE & Tested

- The "Configure Mod" and "Update Mod" Buttons now are only visible when there are valid entrys inside the D2SE_SETUP.ini
  sadly "Update Mod" is still not finished.. its further developed but not stable for release
EDIT: Feature DONE & Tested

- When starting external Programs the Modmanager Window hides now and waits for the Program to exit (D2Vidtst, Configure Glide,
EDIT: Feature DONE & Tested

- Some stability bugfixes and Code cleanup. Complete removal of Multires support because it wont work anyway. When you want to
   mod with higher resolution i suggest Dav92 new D2mod.dll plugin for D2 v 1.10f and dont forget to fix AI ranges inside your mod.
EDIT: Feature DONE & Tested

- Build in support for D2SE_Utility.dll the d2mod/nefex/PlugY replacement that i have in work.. from side of modmanager its finished
  now, i must only finish the .dll .. but this will take much more time.
EDIT: Feature DONE & Tested

-Build in support for additional standalone plugin .dlls that are selfiniting and are not nefex or d2mod .. for better compatibility to Mods
  that use this type of .dlls
EDIT: Feature DONE & Tested

-Buildin for Snej 6.1 needed feature to mask out Displaydriver so some displaydriver cannot get selected. On outmasked modes
  a Fallback is selected.
  new .ini Parameter for this:
EDIT: Feature DONE & Tested

-New .ini Parameters:
EDIT: Had to remove ModUsesMPQHook= because of some collisions with D2SE principle.
EDIT: Feature DONE & Tested. Explanation of this Parameters are verry specific and will be explained inside documentation.

- New Startbuttons implemented we have now "Start Plugin" and "Start D2"
  The 1. Button will start the selected Mod/Core as usual, the 2. will leave the modmanager and start the unmodded game.exe
  so you only need to put 1 shortcut on your desktop and have full control over all.
EDIT: Feature DONE & Tested
EDIT: because demanded i added additional parameter to the D2SE.ini so that the unmodded D2 gets a commandline from there
  that every user can edit himself. for example -w -ns -skiptobnet
  D2CMDLine=-w -ns -skiptobnet
EDIT: Feature DONE & Tested

- added Skiptobnet checkbox and functions to remember selection only available for mods with valid realmentry and only the 1. instance
  "REALMSUPPORT is now written inside the infotext of the Mod.
EDIT: Feature DONE & Tested

- PlugY10 is officially supported now and additionally PlugY.dll inside Modfolder is choosen first.. so different PlugY versions can now
  work when the mod needs an older one.
  CORES 1.09B and 1.09D now use PlugY 9.0 because PlugY 10 errored out.
  PlugY will now take localized Versions inside Language_xxx folder inside Modfolder first
EDIT: Feature DONE & Tested

Need to add some new .ini parameters to assure User get alerted on Mods that are not relocatable and would crash.
Sorted for the likelyness of Problems:
EDIT: Feature DONE & Tested

- fixed Win7 RainbowBug/Psychedelic Color Bug for DDraw
  ChaosMarc pointet me to another Win7 Bug that was unknown until now for me, known as rainbow or psychedelic Color Bug.
  IMPORTANT NOTE: For this to work you MUST disable the desktop background cycler incase you use this!
EDIT: Feature DONE & Tested

-Buildin possibility to override some of the Main D2 .mpqs by custom ones (globally for all mods) this can be used to override the
  Audiospeechfiles for a different prefered language.
EDIT: Feature DONE & Tested

-New Language Feature that lets You select different Languages that the Mod supports.
EDIT: Still doing Localized PlugY support inside languagefolder inside Modfolder.
EDIT: Feature DONE & Tested

- Fixed Bug that i forgot to load D2Video.mpq ^^
EDIT: Feature DONE & Tested

- Mpq&Dll loading rewritten from scratch. Complete new loading logic and enhancing the Language_xxx feature to something that can
  be misused to powerfull things.
EDIT: Feature DONE & Tested

- -NS Crash Bugfix. The well known Crash on Act-Change is now fixed for all D2 versions and mods. Blizzard forgot to check if Sound is
   available when playing the Videos..
EDIT: Feature DONE & Tested

Overall Status: DONE


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Offline moscito

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Re: D2SE Modmanager V2.2 Announcement & Patchlog
« Reply #1 on: April 19, 2011, 08:52:45 AM »
müssen alle (sowohl hier erhältliche als auch selbstgebastelte) plugins neu gemacht/umgeschrieben werden ?
€: oder bastelst du uns für jedes (?) plugin eine .exe - möglicherweise hab ich das auch ganz falsch verstanden  *verwirrt-bin*
€²: Danke euch beiden
« Last Edit: April 19, 2011, 12:21:13 PM by moscito »
Acc: moscito

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Offline ChaosMarc

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Re: D2SE Modmanager V2.2 Announcement & Patchlog
« Reply #2 on: April 19, 2011, 09:30:29 AM »
die bestehenden plugins müssen, wenn überhaupt, nur minimal umgeschrieben werden. es wird einige neue einträge in der d2se_config.ini geben, die für manche mods nützlich sind. wie zB das erzwungene -direct -txt das vom user nicht mehr versehentlich ausgeschaltet werden kann. theoretisch ist es aber nicht schlimm wenn man die alten plugins weiternutzt denke ich, da dann für die fehlenden einträge der standard wert gewählt wird (der bestimmt sinnvoll ist :D )
es kommt aber auch eine unterstützung für mods die normalerweise über eine eigene *.exe gestartet werden. wie genau diese implementiert ist und wie sie konfiguriert wird weis ich allerdings noch nicht ;)

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Re: D2SE Modmanager V2.2 Announcement & Patchlog
« Reply #3 on: April 19, 2011, 11:41:09 AM »

V2.2 ist vollkommen kompatibel mit alten Plugins. einige könnten aber besser werden mit den neuen Funktionen.. diese werden überarbeitet und als updated announced.



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