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April 01, 2020, 01:03:51 PM
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Author Topic: About  (Read 2579 times)

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« on: April 27, 2011, 07:01:06 PM »
Welcome to The Midlands. An old project of mine.

This mod is a more strategic version of the regular game, but with many new bosses, skills, and challenges. I would highly recomend forming  team of 2 or 3 as the bosses can be very tricky alone.

So, some general info:

The first thing you willnotice is there are no Health or Mana potions here. Healing is instead done via an innate skill every class has. This becomes less effective as you level up. However, spending points in energy, dexterity or strength will increase it's healing rate.
See documentation for details

All resists are capped at 50 but can be improved with equipment.

Next is the lost soul prison.
This is a handy little tool used for  number of things. Firstly, it records kills directly by you. Spells are included but minion kills won't count. There are cube recipes later in the game that require you to have trapped a certain number of souls.
Along with counting slain souls. It also turns raw materials into components for crafting, it can also be upgraded and imbued with new properties. See the documentation for more details.

Items are alotmore unique now. (Due to the fact there are no (or very few) "Unique" items)
Rares have been improved, along with tempering to create your own custom item to your specs. All original runewords have been removed and replaced to a lesser extent.
See the documentation for more details

A number of new skills for each class and alterations to other skills to create new build options
There are no pre requirements for skills and they are improved with stat synergies mostly.

many new monsters added, and many new bosses. Enemys hit hard and can take a beating in return. You will need to use your brains and know when to fall back to recover.
Bosses come with a number of tricks uptheir sleeves. First, if they are unhurt for 20 seconds.They recover to full health. This is so you have to killthem in 1 go. No more half dead bosses after you wipe out!
Second, they have a number of counter attacks. some weak, some not so wak.Some may summon support and somemay curse you.
They alsohave another special counter that renders them curse immune, and grants 100% attack speed, move speed and damage. This lasts 5 seconds at a time so you may want to back off when this happens.

To be continued.
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