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April 01, 2020, 01:59:44 PM
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Author Topic: COMPLETE GUIDE  (Read 8977 times)

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Offline harktuTopic starter

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« on: June 28, 2011, 02:29:17 PM »
1-Vital Knowledge
2-Good to know
4-Special Items,charms

A major update upcoming,so
If you found a bug or have an idea?
Let the developer PureRage knows it.
Your feedbacks will help to make this mod better.

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Offline harktuTopic starter

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Vital Information
« Reply #1 on: June 28, 2011, 02:30:03 PM »
 Vital Information
For  first we have in inventory a potion ‘elixir of learning’,don’t forget to use that immediately,or you will die just in one hit out of town.
In this game there is no hp,mp pots and tp scrolls,there is a base right click skill to recovery hp,mp instead of pots.

But we can still use something while fight; Tokens!
They increase our elemental resists,dmg reduces etc.

So what are these hp,mp pots in screen we see?!
They are not to drink,we need them for skill/stat reset.
We cube hp+mp pots and get an item that can reset skills/stats whenever we want,no limit and almost free.

Another vital thing to know is,in this mod max resists are 50,not 75.Of course you can increase them with charms,items etc..

Last thing to know before start to play is ‘Socketing’ and ‘Cow level’
1socket + any item for 1 socket on the item
 2sockets + any item for 2 sockets on the item
 3sockets + any item for 3 sockets on the item
 4sockets + any item for 4 sockets on the item
5sockets + any item for 5 sockets on the item
6sockets + any item for 6 sockets on the item
1-there is no matter item’s type or socketed or no.For example if you cube 2 socketed item with 5 socket,item will be 5 socketed.
2-You can’t add more sockets than item’s limit of course,for example if you cube boots with 6 socket,you will get 2 socketed boots.
To open ‘Secret Cow Level’ cube wirt’s leg + shadow gem
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Offline harktuTopic starter

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Good to Know
« Reply #2 on: June 28, 2011, 02:30:44 PM »
Here is important info,that you will need through your ‘Midlands adventure’
Akt1 ‘Blood Raven’ drops an uniq ring,that ring is only for your merc,not for you.

Akt2  radament drops all parts of a set:

Akt2 to restore the horadric staff,we need staff,amulet and their guardians’ drops.They will drop, ’everlasting flame’ and ‘mystical oil’.Cube all four parts to get ‘horadric staff’

Akt3 similar to akt2.To restore Khalim’s Will; we need eye,heart,brain,relics’ guardians’ drops of these and khalim’s flail.Those guardians drop ‘Khalim’s force,spirit and soul’ orbs.Cube all seven parts to get ‘Khalim’s Will’

Akt3 The temples in kurast now each contain a boss that drops a unique charm that coresponds to the bosses main element (one for each)

Akt1 in Burial Grounds,one of the tombs are a big and hard dungeon,’Boundary’s Edge’.
There are two super unique bosses here we can find.
They are in werewolf and werebear forms and drops uniq charms with lvl 60 req.
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Offline harktuTopic starter

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« Reply #3 on: June 28, 2011, 02:31:46 PM »
There are 33 classic runes :
‘el -> zod’
2 Other plain runes
6 elemental runes:
6 True elemental runes:
When we cube 10x same type of any elemental rune,we get ‘True’ counterpart of its.
Mystic dusts are like jewels with random mods. Filling up a socketed white item with them  will create a dustword.Don’t mix with other socketables.In dustwords you will get these mods per dust:
 5all stats
2 all res
1% max hp
5% IAS and FCR
15% dmg  (totals with increase->  25,40,55,75,100)
10% def (totals with increase -> 20,30,40,50,75)
More Runewords
Unique Items
Set Items
All D2LoD sets + these,

Offline harktuTopic starter

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Special Items,charms
« Reply #4 on: June 28, 2011, 02:32:21 PM »
 Akt1 in ‘den of evil’ we will find two special bags and a uniq small charm

It holds ‘classic runes’ and sockets when we cube them with that bag.
When we cube that bag alone,it extracts a socket.
If we want to extract any rune,buy the extractor of that rune from NPC Gheed and cube with bag.

It holds our found craft stones when we cube them with that bag.
If we want to extract any craft stone,buy the extractor of stone from NPC Gheed and cube with bag.

This is a very special and important charm.We will use it for three different jobs.

1-It holds the souls of your kills. Once your Lost Soul Prison contains 20,000 souls, you can cube it with a shadow gem. This allows you to summon ancient demons from the underworld. defeating these demons provides great rewards but be warned, they are extremely dangerous. Summoning in random areas will most likely summon a lesser evil.
Tip: When evil lurks in the shadows, summoning the greater evils is more likely

2-To get ‘crafting components’,that we will need while crafting.
First to add components,cube the ‘soul prison’ with  ‘metalic shards’ and ‘steel balls’,those we will find quiverful.Then to extract the ‘crafting component’,cube the soul prison alone.

3-This charm is one of our three upgradable charms.
Cube this charm with ‘spirit stones’ will add spirit points to charm
spirit stones:
 Act1: the pit lvl 2
 Act2: halls of the dead lvl 3
 Act3: Sarina (beside lam essens tome)
 Act4: chaos sanctuary + hells forge (haphisto drops them and he can appear at both locations)
 Act5: Tunnels below ancients way (risky)   
We will buy  ‘power oils’ from Akara,what we want to add and cube with soul prison.

Akt1 the cave level 2 (coldcrow)
Our other upgradable charm.We need only the NPC Charsi to upgrade this charm.She sells all we need.
Charm comes base with 20 enchantment points.We can spend these points immediately .Just choose the essence from Charsi that you want to add and cube them.
To  add enchantment points cube it with ‘Shadow gem’ from Charsi .This process will add to charm 10 points with 10 lvl requiremet.


Akt2  viper temple 2 (fangskin)
The night stone works in the same way as the night wisp

Note for Night Stone:
attack speed essence also adds 10% cast rate
 life/mana steal essence also adds 5% to all spell damage
 attack rating essence also adds 50 to mana
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Offline harktuTopic starter

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« Reply #5 on: June 28, 2011, 02:33:03 PM »
Golden orb(from Charsi) + Crafting component(Extract from Soul Prison charm) + a crafting stone(extract from craft stone bag) + magic item

Craft formulas:

Tempering hammer(from Charsi) + magic item
Your item is ready to temper with its own properties.

You can cube it with craft stones to add these mods.
Item lvl req will increase by 3 per tempering.

Elemental and holy craft stones:
 5% fire/cold/light/pois/mag res + 1% fire/cold/light/mag absorb (1-5%poison length reduced for pois)
Caster craft stones:
 5 energy + 5-10fcr
Battle craft stoes:
 10-15%def + 1%dr

 fire/cold/light/pois craft stone:
 1% pierce + 10-15 elemental damage (50 pois over 2 secs)
Holy craft stone:
 10-15 mag damage to attack + 2%mag skill damage
Caster craft stone:
 1-2 health and mana per kill
Battle craft stone:
 10-15% damage +1 Max damage

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Offline PureRage

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« Reply #6 on: June 28, 2011, 09:59:00 PM »
Wow, very nice work, that is extremely usefull, thank you very much for this (i would have done it myself but i'm so basy at the min I barely have time to sleep haha.

great work, and nicely structured.
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Offline timmermac

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« Reply #7 on: August 02, 2011, 03:05:43 AM »
If there are no TP scrolls, then how does one get to town quickly?

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